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If you are planning on getting plumbing work done, or just have plumbing related questions, I am glad you found this site! I have over 15 years of extensive, residential and commercial new construction, remodel, and service plumbing experience, and I built this site to pass the knowledge from that experience on to you.

If you are unprepared when you call a plumber, you can be in for a horrible experience. Many times, if you have the info you need about the problems you are finding, you may not need to call a plumber at all. Either way, you need the knowledge and tools to know exactly what is going on with your plumbing and how to best get it resolved. This site will get you there.

You get find the info you need a few ways:

  • Hover over the “Categories” menu above to see the dropdown where you can choose what categories to browse.
  • Do a site search, using the custom Google search box on the top right, just below the header graphic
  • Check our sitemap which separately lists all the posts and categories by title.

As always, if you find the information useful, I encourage you to donate whatever you wish, by clicking on one of the “Donate” buttons located throughout the site. We proudly use PayPal, so you know your transaction is safe.

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