Diagnosing an Upstairs Plumbing Leak


Diagnosing an upstairs plumbing leak can actually be a lot trickier than a lot of people may think.  In fact, when I worked for Allstar Plumbing, one of the questions we asked every potential employee during the interview process was how to properly perform this diagnosis.  Even when . . . → Read More:

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Know Your Plumber Part 2

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Hello again!  In my last plumbing info article, I talked about the two different types of plumbers and the pluses and minuses of using each.  I also revealed my opinion on the best kind to go for to deal with most plumbing issues.  In this article, I am going to tell you . . . → Read More:

Why Plumbing Info?

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Hello, Steve here.  Welcome to Plumbing Info.org.  If you don’t know who I am yet, you may want to read my “About Me” page before reading further.

So, I guess the question is: why does this website exist?

Well, you can relax, . . . → Read More:


If you are planning on getting plumbing work done, or just have plumbing related questions, I am glad you found this site! I have over 15 years of extensive, residential and commercial new construction, remodel, and service plumbing experience, and I built this site to pass the knowledge from that . . . → Read More: